Tea Facts

The Origin of Tea

Tea, of the variety called “Black Tea”, “Green Tea”, and “Oolong Tea”, is derived from the same young tender leaves and buds of the plant "Thea sinensis", a close kin

Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

Tea is a zero calorie beverage, containing a natural source of vitamins and mineral nutrients that aids growth, digestion and a sense of well-being. It is the most consumed beverage

Altitude & Quality

The tea plant grows at altitudes from near sea-level, to 6000 feet and above. The flavour, taste , and colour of the brewed beverage varies significantly with the altitude at

Factors that Influence Quality​

Although tea is cultivated in many regions of the world and originates from the same plant species , six major factors interact naturally with one another in combination to influence

Why Sri Lanka?

As the six factors that influence quality vary in the many tea producing countries in the world , teas of differing brightness, flavour, colour and taste get produced. Because Sri

Harvesting Tea

Only the two tender leaves and bud of each of the several young shoots of the tea plant are necessary for the production of the best grades of tea.

Processing & Manufacturing Tea Leaves

The harvested leaves are spread thinly on perforated trays and remain for nine or more hours with fresh mountain air flowing over the leaves to reduce the excess leaf moisture.

How Tea Grading Works

The “Black Tea” is then graded according to its originally harvested leaf quality and uniformity of size. The best grades produced are referred to and sold as “Primary Grades”