“My favourite tea in all the world!”

~ North Vancouver, B.C. Canada

“As an English woman of a certain age I have drunk thousands of cups of tea, but none as delicious as your Pure Ceylon tea. Until recently I was able to buy it at… but now, for some strange reason, they are no longer carrying it. I managed to purchase a case from them which should last for a few months. What I would like to know is whether anyone else carries it locally?  Or can I purchase it directly from you? I saw the U.S. price list, but do you have a Canadian price list?  Thank you for such a lovely tea, and for reading my email.”.

~ West Vancouver, B.C. Canada

“We would just like to let you know that Nature’s Choice tea has been very well received by our customers. As you know we did a blind tasting test on several examples of various teas and yours was found to be a superior product”.

~ Manager, Purchasing & Distribution of a chain of restaurants in Western Canada.

“I have sampled your “Nature’s Choice” Ceylon Tea and I can truthfully say, this is the best Ceylon tea I have been able to obtain here in Canada, both in quality and yield, at any price. I am very happy to be able to provide such an excellent quality Ceylon tea to the members of this club”

~ An Executive Chef in Vancouver, B.C. Canada

” I, on behalf of the Club, would like to take this opportunity to tell you how impressed we are with your tea quality. We certainly would not hesitate to recommend your product to other Chefs in Vancouver, and looking forward to doing more and more business with you”.

~ Another Executive Chef in Vancouver, B.C. Canada

“First thing that tasted like tea”. “My wife and I gave up drinking tea because the tea available tasted so bad. This is the first tea that tastes and flavours like tea I need”.

~ New York, U.S.A.

“When I recently tasted Lanka Ceylon Tea for the first time, and smelled its fine aroma, I was immediately transported back to my childhood in London, England.  Never since then have I encountered nor been reminded of such fine quality Orange Pekoe and as an avid tea drinker, I thank you for bringing back to me that unique experience. I have lived in North America for forty-three years and now at last I can reclaim that original tea drinking pleasure.”

~ Bellingham, WA

“I have been a tea-drinker for more than fifty years. I am fussy about making tea correctly and so on, but it was not until I chanced to be in the ……on a day when you were drawing attention to your company’s “Nature’s Choice” Ceylon that I finally – after half a century! – found the tea that said “Look no further.” From now on I buy no other brand.”

~ Vancouver, B.C. Canada

“It is without doubt one of the finest teas I have tasted. I would highly recommend it to anyone, even coffee drinkers, as they are excellent”.

~ Burnaby, B.C. Canada

“You have turned a confirmed coffee-drinker into a tea-drinker as well ! I have had numerous compliments from guests who have tried Nature’s Choice for the first time who agree with me that it is absolutely delicious. I would hate to be without it.”

~ Vancouver, B.C. Canada

“We are very ordinary tea drinkers, not experts by any means, but we know something good when we experience it. Yours is simply the best tea we have ever tasted.”

~ Vancouver, B.C. Canada

“The flavour and aroma of the crystal clear brew is a true pleasure which I am proud to serve at my table. For many years I have been testing and trying various kinds and brands of teas. None were really satisfactory. Many were murky, tasteless excuses for tea. Good luck has come my way through Nature’s Choice. Thank you very much.”

~ Vancouver, B.C. Canada

“Please send two more boxes of your tea. We like it very much and are recommending it to our friends.”

~ Portland, U.S.A.

“I have been a faithful and avid consumer of Nature’s Choice tea for the past two years. I found it superior in both taste and strength to any other brand sold in our local supermarkets.”

~ North Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

“The taste and flavour of the tea has made such a strong impression on me that I have never bought tea of another brand since. I highly recommend this tea to the attention of anyone who actually notices and cares about the tastes of their comestibles.”

~ Vancouver, B.C. Canada

“A friend of mine, [redacted], presented me with a gift of a box of your tea bags. I was eager to try it, as I was born in Kandy, [redacted] and have not enjoyed a cup of good tea for years. The tea was wonderful. But now the box is almost empty. Would you please send me your price list and tell me how to get more of your tea.”

~ Washington, U.S.A.

“I discovered it quite by accident and have found it to be the only tea bag available at a supermarket which has a distinctive refreshing taste which is easily recognized over other teas in a blind taste test. Congratulations for taking the initiative in making this tea readily available.”

~ Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

” We tried a number of other premium teas, some of which were Ceylon teas from specialty shops. As a result of these explorations, I feel myself somewhat qualified to tell you that your product produces a uniquely great cup of tea. Again, thank you for bringing a tea of extraordinary quality to us in the states”.

~ Washington, U.S.A.